Wednesday, 27 February 2013



For ages I was looking for a nylon-y cool shell jacket, Prince of Bel Air style! I found this one on eBay for just under £20 I think, which isn't too bad. I'm still not completely sure on it and kinda felt mis-matched as if I was going skiing in space or something, very strange but oh well?! I kinda like the pastels in it and if you squint your eyes you can sort of see unicorns... ha. I got this bag in the H&M sale for a £5 a few weeks ago, absolute bargain of the year as i'm obsessed with anything holographic at the moment and I picked up these ultra frilly socks from eBay too for a couple of quid.... Yeah this outfit really is kinda random!

For some reason I kinda look washed out and pale, I'm not sure why maybe a rubbish edit...

Cosmic print top - c/o OASAP / Shell jacket - vintage via eBay / Chain - River Island / Shorts - Topshop / Socks - eBay / Coltrane Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

Thanks to OASAP for this cosmic printed amazing top - I can't stop wearing it! For anyone who knows me will know I love anything space, galaxy or solar system related! 

Have you got anything cute from OASAO recently? They sell some really quirky items and it's free delivery from the UK so definitely worth a little look. 

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Sunday, 24 February 2013



So I haven't done one of these for a while, but obviously have still been going cray-zay on eBay! There's so much online that I want at the moment, these are just a few things I picked up and are pretty good deals and are all in a matchy matchy lovely.

1. The fake gold chains are everywhere at the moment, and I hate to admit it but i'm absolutely loving this chavvy trend that's come up. Big hoops, nike air max 1's, yep i'm all over it! I found this gold chain for just £3.93 and free delivery here. I think that's a great price baring in mind I just got one from River Island for £12 - still not a bad price considering.

2. After the whole JW Anderson for Topshop Buzz, these kind of jumpers went huge and of course the good old ebay sellers jumped on the bandwagon with their poorer quality but better value versions. If you're anything like me you'll go off it after a month and won't wear it any more so who cares if it's a little lacking in quality. (Not the point I know, but i'm a student) This one is £16.99 and can buy it here. A lot cheaper than the hefty price tag from JW!

3. These tops have been everywhere at the moment and spotted on the likes of Rihanna. Obviously out of the reach of most people this absolute bargain of £7.20 was not to be missed! I received mine really quickly and it's surprisingly really good quality and a nice soft material. It goes amazingly with the chunky gold necklace too! You can buy it here

4. I'm loving all things with unicorns on at the moment so when I saw this cute tee at just under £10 I thought it was a cool top to tuck into levis or something on a lazy day. The link for it is here

5. Similar to the necklace this rose gold bracelet is £3.93 again, bargain! Can buy here

6. After lusting over exactly the same coat in Zara for a million years and seeing it go down in the sale to...wait for it...about £100, I still couldn't really justify buying it and adding to my already existing collection of about 25 coats. BUT then I spotted this on eBay for only £28.99! Problem solved.

7. Me and my housemate both have this top. I spotted it in Topshop for around £12 but then saw on eBay for £2.99 for exactly the same thing and just as good quality as in store. Ridiculously overpriced Topshop as per.

I'm having a clear out at the moment and selling on eBay, have a quick look here. Also my giveaway ends today so quickly enter here

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Thursday, 21 February 2013


Hellooo Kitties,

I have no life at the moment, doing work all day every day with no time to play, boooo :( Although I do have a few events booked up including Mark Knight and the Skreamizm event at XOYO in March so at least that's something to look forward to! It's also my 21st next month so i'm sure i'll get up to something messy for that!

I've never done a post like this before, and I feel like a bond girl or something from one of those iconic films! I was approached by who sell an absolutely huge selection of prom style, wedding and party dresses to select a made to measure dress. It was really difficult to choose but in the end picked out this quite simple and plain black high necked dress with beautiful lace detailing. I personally hate the classic nipped in waist and huge bottom princess dresses that everybody seems to wear these days and much preferred this more classic style. It fits really well because I sent them my measurements and now i'm just looking for an event to wear it to! It's weird seeing me in something like this as it's so conservative and doesn't involve any ripped tights or acid washed denim. However I did manage to grunge it up a little bit with my purpley hair and dark lipstick, ha.  

Dress - c/o Edressy / Necklace - Topshop £3 sale / Eyelashes - c/o Undercover Glamour  / Lita Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell £120 / Lips bag - Lulu Guinness £20 / Arm cuff - Topshop £3 sale

I haven't got a chance to wear this Lulu Guinness bag as of yet, but thought it went really well with this dress. I interned at Lulu Guinness for a few months in the summer and it was really fun and great experience. If you want to read more there's a post here I wrote. I was lucky enough to be there when they had their sample sale and managed to get the absolutely AMAZING dark red vintage style lips clutch which is literally every girl's dream, I couldn't believe my luck when I saw it, all the Lulu Guinness bags are so beautiful.

Undercover Glamour kindly sent me a few pieces to review including these Katy Perry false eyelashes i'm wearing. I particularly love these ones as they are double layer and look a lot more dramatic! For the night they are great and really stand out but for the day they are a little to over the top in my opinion!

Additionally to this Undercover Glamour also sent me these padded knickers which have little implants in the bum to give you more of a figure eight shape (so fun). It's only subtle but I found works quite well, especially under long prom like dresses like i'm wearing above. They are only £8.99 so if you've a little bum then are definitely worth a buy - bare in mind they come up really really small!

What do you think of the dress?

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I hope you all have a fun week! ps i'm having a huge clear out on eBay! - have a quick look


Monday, 18 February 2013



So I don't normally do these kind of posts and it's not sponsored or anything, but I just wanted to show you guys some of the new Lazy Oaf Spring collection. The look book came out today and goes online/in store on Thursday. I have always been a fan of Lazy Oaf but never enough to actually buy anything. I think a lot of it is really overpriced being bad quality. However I will definitely be buying a good few pieces from this collection, it's so quirky and definitely their best collection as of yet! They seem to be getting better and better by the season...

So I want every single piece shown here... which is not ok for my bank balance as I know I just won't be able to resist. I hope I get the March grant at uni!

My ABSOLUTE favorites are the Bear bra, and the Suspender leggings with hands. I can't choose between the two! Oh but I love the heat shorts too, grrr

What do you think of this collection. Have you ever purchased much from Lazy Oaf before?


Monday, 11 February 2013



I wanted a gold chain like this for ages. Obviously I went straight to eBay for some beautiful chunky tack from a (probably) Chinese seller but couldn't really find much/they were sold out. I saw this one in River Island for £12 and didn't think that was too bad. I don't know how long it will stay gold colored for, and Primark will probably have a copy in a couple of weeks but I wanted it nooooow. 

I've had this Adidas tee for ages but never got round to doing an outfit with it, it looks amazingly chavy with the gold but I kinda like the whole chavy thing at the moment, I think there's a line that can be crossed though  obviously haha. I got it from eBay but I could have easily done it myself (i just couldn't be bothered) with some bleach but bleugh it was only about £15 - not too bad! 

Adidas tee - eBay £15 / Denim jacket - Car boot sale £1 / Levi shorts - car boot sale £1 / Dr Martens - outlet store £20 / Glitter socks - Topshop £3 / Chain - River Island £12 / Casio watch - eBay £6

I'v got a great giveaway from Barratts Shoes for a £70 voucher which will run for two weeks, just follow the options below :) There's definitely a fair few pairs on their site I would love to get my hands on - they do some cute creepers! (Must be a UK resident)

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