Monday, 11 February 2013



I wanted a gold chain like this for ages. Obviously I went straight to eBay for some beautiful chunky tack from a (probably) Chinese seller but couldn't really find much/they were sold out. I saw this one in River Island for £12 and didn't think that was too bad. I don't know how long it will stay gold colored for, and Primark will probably have a copy in a couple of weeks but I wanted it nooooow. 

I've had this Adidas tee for ages but never got round to doing an outfit with it, it looks amazingly chavy with the gold but I kinda like the whole chavy thing at the moment, I think there's a line that can be crossed though  obviously haha. I got it from eBay but I could have easily done it myself (i just couldn't be bothered) with some bleach but bleugh it was only about £15 - not too bad! 

Adidas tee - eBay £15 / Denim jacket - Car boot sale £1 / Levi shorts - car boot sale £1 / Dr Martens - outlet store £20 / Glitter socks - Topshop £3 / Chain - River Island £12 / Casio watch - eBay £6

I'v got a great giveaway from Barratts Shoes for a £70 voucher which will run for two weeks, just follow the options below :) There's definitely a fair few pairs on their site I would love to get my hands on - they do some cute creepers! (Must be a UK resident)

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