Sunday, 24 March 2013



So it's snowing again, that's nice. Grr go awayyyyy. I've been trying to organise a shoot for one of my fashion modules for literally 2 months now and every time we plan it it snows! On the plus side, I think the snow always makes outfit posts look a lot more flattering...

I wore this outfit on my birthday last week at Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham. This bear bra is one of my fav pieces from Lazy Oaf's newest collection, so cute! After I saw the lovely Amy wear this skirt in her boohoo global styler thingy I definitely had to snap it up, it's so reasonable and it goes with everything.  I feel sooooo nineties in this 'tattoo' choker haha but I saw on it on eBay and had to buy it much to my housemates disgust pa ha ha. 

   Coltranes - Jeffrey Campbell via Karmaloop approx £120 // Skirt - Boohoo £18 // Bomber - Vintage // Socks - River Island sale £2 // Bear bra - Lazy Oaf  £35 // Choker - eBay £4  // Belt - Topshop £12

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This is toooooo fun :D


Tuesday, 19 March 2013



As part of my dissertation I am interviewing fashion designers and after seeking some via Twitter and interviewing the lovely Lucinda Sinclair I was introduced to a new label called 'Sanctus'. I absolutely love the collection so thought I would share it with you all.

The collection features digitally printed illustrations heavily influenced by symbolism. To me, it's really futuristic and unique, a style i'm definitely looking at more and more recently.

This beautiful Cyberspace dress above is my absolute favorite piece in the collection and I couldn't believe it when I saw the pricing at only £30. The collection starts at £14 and at its most expensive is £62 - for the quality and unique styling I think this is such a steal. There are only 50 of each piece made (ever!) with 1-50 sewn into the label accordingly giving you something that is special and unique, handmade by Lucinda herself. (I  just hope I can get the money to purchase before the 50 go!) The very best thing is you will never see anyone else wearing the same as you! Just think, Topshop would sell this for double the price, a fraction of the quality and you would see half of Oxford Street in the same outfit. 

I know where I would rather buy... 

I definitely think this brand needs far more recognition so if you have spare minute take a look at her collection at or follow Lucinda on Twitter personally @Lewlewsewsews

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Friday, 8 March 2013



Just a quick haul post to show you what i've been buying this month. I sold loads on eBay and made like £200 yayyy so went a bit cray cray.

Zebra crop top. I love this top, it's so flattering and is a really good shape! £18 - Topshop

Fake Celine top. Absolute bargain at £5 - eBay. I couldn't resist really

Black long sleeved crop top, always handy and only £3 - eBay

I was looking for a cool shell jacket for ages and found this pastel one for just £20 - eBay

I loooooove this Ganesh bed throw - £25 Urban Outfitters sale

Earrings - £4 Topshop sale

Holographic shorts, bargain! Addicted to anything holographic at the moment - £12 - Asos sale

Tortoise shell glasses - £5 - Missguided 

Backless body - Missguided - £9

Suspender leggings. Not sure if i'm going to keep these yet but still, they are cute! - Lazy oaf - £45

Bear Bra, absolute favorite buy of the month, it's SO cute - Lazy Oaf - £35

Think I might wear the bear bra for my 21st night out in Birmingham at Face next Saturday. It's definitely not a dressy place so this is definitely an option. I love the new Lazy Oaf collection - it's quite pricey though and the quality isn't amazing! Have you got anything from the new collection?

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Sunday, 3 March 2013



So yep this is probably the 57659th time of wearing this skirt but it just goes with everything! You've probably heard me talk about the Dr Marten outlet store I always go to, and well now they have the Agyness Deyn collection in- amazing right?! When I say collection, all they had was this one top left when I went but it was £5! It's sooooooo cute with little sequin hearts on the boobs. It's literally only just come out in the new collection and retails at £40 (I don't think it's worth anywhere near £40 though) so I couldn't believe it - it must have been a sample or something. I hope they get more in and I will definitely be buying every single piece I see! I can't wait til summer so I don't have to wear tights with everything, they're getting pretty boring now but i'm pretty proud of myself for once in my life not having a ladder in them ;) 

These are the silver shoes that I think like every blogger I know picked up in the New Look sale for around £7 a few months back- absolute bargain although my housemates absolutely hate them, I think they look kinda cute with frilly socks - maybe a bit too girly for me I don't know... I didn't wear them out to uni by the way, could you imagine walking into the library in these pa ha ha, I swapped for some docs! 

My hair is kinda washed out now 3 washes later soooo annoying grr but I kinda like the purpley-blue at the moment so will be dying it again the same colour this week probably. 

What do you think of the new Dr Martens collection?