Sunday, 3 March 2013



So yep this is probably the 57659th time of wearing this skirt but it just goes with everything! You've probably heard me talk about the Dr Marten outlet store I always go to, and well now they have the Agyness Deyn collection in- amazing right?! When I say collection, all they had was this one top left when I went but it was £5! It's sooooooo cute with little sequin hearts on the boobs. It's literally only just come out in the new collection and retails at £40 (I don't think it's worth anywhere near £40 though) so I couldn't believe it - it must have been a sample or something. I hope they get more in and I will definitely be buying every single piece I see! I can't wait til summer so I don't have to wear tights with everything, they're getting pretty boring now but i'm pretty proud of myself for once in my life not having a ladder in them ;) 

These are the silver shoes that I think like every blogger I know picked up in the New Look sale for around £7 a few months back- absolute bargain although my housemates absolutely hate them, I think they look kinda cute with frilly socks - maybe a bit too girly for me I don't know... I didn't wear them out to uni by the way, could you imagine walking into the library in these pa ha ha, I swapped for some docs! 

My hair is kinda washed out now 3 washes later soooo annoying grr but I kinda like the purpley-blue at the moment so will be dying it again the same colour this week probably. 

What do you think of the new Dr Martens collection?