Friday, 8 March 2013



Just a quick haul post to show you what i've been buying this month. I sold loads on eBay and made like £200 yayyy so went a bit cray cray.

Zebra crop top. I love this top, it's so flattering and is a really good shape! £18 - Topshop

Fake Celine top. Absolute bargain at £5 - eBay. I couldn't resist really

Black long sleeved crop top, always handy and only £3 - eBay

I was looking for a cool shell jacket for ages and found this pastel one for just £20 - eBay

I loooooove this Ganesh bed throw - £25 Urban Outfitters sale

Earrings - £4 Topshop sale

Holographic shorts, bargain! Addicted to anything holographic at the moment - £12 - Asos sale

Tortoise shell glasses - £5 - Missguided 

Backless body - Missguided - £9

Suspender leggings. Not sure if i'm going to keep these yet but still, they are cute! - Lazy oaf - £45

Bear Bra, absolute favorite buy of the month, it's SO cute - Lazy Oaf - £35

Think I might wear the bear bra for my 21st night out in Birmingham at Face next Saturday. It's definitely not a dressy place so this is definitely an option. I love the new Lazy Oaf collection - it's quite pricey though and the quality isn't amazing! Have you got anything from the new collection?

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It's my birthday Monday so going out with the fam for dins tomorrow night, and another dins with the friends on Monday, yayyy. If only I didn't have so much work to be doing :( By the way thanks to all the bloggers that filled out my survey, it's such a massive help. I still need more people so if you don't mind helping me out please leave your email address in the comment box and i'll send you the survey - it would be a hugeeeee help!

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