Sunday, 24 March 2013



So it's snowing again, that's nice. Grr go awayyyyy. I've been trying to organise a shoot for one of my fashion modules for literally 2 months now and every time we plan it it snows! On the plus side, I think the snow always makes outfit posts look a lot more flattering...

I wore this outfit on my birthday last week at Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham. This bear bra is one of my fav pieces from Lazy Oaf's newest collection, so cute! After I saw the lovely Amy wear this skirt in her boohoo global styler thingy I definitely had to snap it up, it's so reasonable and it goes with everything.  I feel sooooo nineties in this 'tattoo' choker haha but I saw on it on eBay and had to buy it much to my housemates disgust pa ha ha. 

   Coltranes - Jeffrey Campbell via Karmaloop approx £120 // Skirt - Boohoo £18 // Bomber - Vintage // Socks - River Island sale £2 // Bear bra - Lazy Oaf  £35 // Choker - eBay £4  // Belt - Topshop £12

Thanks so all the bloggers that have done my recent questionnaire for my dissertation, if you have a sec please comment your email address below and i'll send it to you - it will be a massive help. I only need 10 more replies!

Also, if you like my blog please could you nominate me in Company Magazine's style blogger awards in the category of 'personal style' maybe - thank you millions!


P.s sorry for being as white as the snow.  Follow me on insagam @velvet_daisy

This is toooooo fun :D