Wednesday, 24 April 2013



I'm back yay. I've just completed my final exam in full time education, ever! Woooo. Considering I went to about two lectures the entire year it went pretty well! Now I just have two fashion assignments and i've completely finished uni and will be moving back home. We're being thrown out of our flat this week which is lovely, so me and my two housemates are officially homeless for a couple of weeks. Who's gonna take my blog photos? Wahh.

I got these leggings from Evie Knight  and I looooove them, they're so bright! They are so cute for the summer and i'm definitely gonna be wearing them to the festivals this year. Definitely check out Evie Knight - they have some amazing festival pieces at a great price :) I got this inflatable backpack specifically for a 90's themed shoot I did the other day from eBay. The photos look amazing and i'll show you guys when I have finished editing them, but I thought it went quite well with this outfit anyway. Sorry about the unedited photos - I really just couldn't be bothered ha ha. 

Leggings - Evie Knight £15 / Coltranes - Jeffrey Campbell £120ish / Pentagram top - Freak of Nature via Asos £15 / Inflatable backpack - eBay - £5ish / Chain - River Island £12

What will you be wearing to the festivals this year?


Monday, 8 April 2013



The sun is finally out so me and Lexie decided to push the boat out with our blog photos and actually cross the road where there's a pretty (not really that pretty) river/lake thing ha. If you saw my recent post, you'll see I picked up loads of Agyness Deyn treats from the Dr Marten shop.The floral tea dresses are my favourite but I feel i'm a little bit grannyish in them - obviously Agyness Deyn models them perfectly in her promotion photos, if only we could all look as perfect as her!

I thought I could grunge it up a little with my coltranes and vintage denim, but i'm still not that convinced. I think it's because it's really not something I would usually buy. It unbuttons all the way to the top so next time I wear it i'm going to try wearing it as a maxi waistcoat kinda thing with something cute underneath. I'm sure it will look cute in the height of summer anyway. If not, I can always take it up...

Floral midi dress - Agyness Deyn for Dr Martens / Chain - River Island / Coltrane boots - Jeffrey Campbell / Jacket - Levis via car boot sale / Frilly socks - eBay / Belt - Topshop

What to do you think? How would you style this?

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Friday, 5 April 2013



I've been eagerly waiting the arrival of my favorite Dr Martens store to stock some of the Agyness Deyn collection. I managed to pick up the sequin heart's top last time for a fiver (as seen in my outfit post here) - absolute bargain so i've been pestering the staff there with my weekly phone calls asking when more will arrive. 

It's really hit or miss, sometimes they have an amazing full stocked shop and other times they have barely anything. Anyway I went today, my nan kindly drove me (as it's on the middle of nowhere) and will probably read this HII Nanny :D haha. In store they had loads of the winter Agyness Deyn collection: sweaters, simple tees ect but it was all kinda boring and dull - not what I really want for SS. I did manage to pick up some really cute pieces though - an absolute fraction of what they retail at! I don't think anything in the collection retails for less than around £110 and the most I paid for anything was £30 :D 

Amazing red velvet low tops - £25

Studded red low tops - £25 (these still have their £195 price tag on eek) - decided to sell these as they don't quite fit -here

My favourite pair from today - burgundy brogues £25. I have been looking for a pair like these for ages so was really happy when I saw these in my size yay.

Really cute lime daisy printed midi dress from the Agyness Deyn collection - £30. I can't wait to wear this in the summer!

The same dress in navy because at £30 I really couldn't resist, gah! 

Black maxi velvet thick dress from the Agy collection. It's really wintery but again, at £25 I really couldn't resist... I love it has a really grungey feel to it, and would look perf with some yep, Dr Martens (pahahahaha)

Mini skirt with cute daisy button detail - £15. This looks kinda big though so perhaps it might not fit, in which case i'll sell on eBay...

I literally think I own about 30 Dr Martens items, I think i'm obsessed. I swear I only really ever wear the standard black low tops aswell lol, oh well! They look pretty in my room... The only other item I now really HAVE to get is the Agy black buckle boots but they've sold out and go for sooo much on eBay. Also, i've heard the zip always breaks grr.

What's your favorite piece from this haul? I think mine are the cute little summer tea midi dresses.

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