Wednesday, 24 April 2013



I'm back yay. I've just completed my final exam in full time education, ever! Woooo. Considering I went to about two lectures the entire year it went pretty well! Now I just have two fashion assignments and i've completely finished uni and will be moving back home. We're being thrown out of our flat this week which is lovely, so me and my two housemates are officially homeless for a couple of weeks. Who's gonna take my blog photos? Wahh.

I got these leggings from Evie Knight  and I looooove them, they're so bright! They are so cute for the summer and i'm definitely gonna be wearing them to the festivals this year. Definitely check out Evie Knight - they have some amazing festival pieces at a great price :) I got this inflatable backpack specifically for a 90's themed shoot I did the other day from eBay. The photos look amazing and i'll show you guys when I have finished editing them, but I thought it went quite well with this outfit anyway. Sorry about the unedited photos - I really just couldn't be bothered ha ha. 

Leggings - Evie Knight £15 / Coltranes - Jeffrey Campbell £120ish / Pentagram top - Freak of Nature via Asos £15 / Inflatable backpack - eBay - £5ish / Chain - River Island £12

What will you be wearing to the festivals this year?