Thursday, 23 May 2013



For the last 2 weeks i've been having so many problems with my domain ownership, it needs to be renewed but google won't let me log in to the apps thing. GRR so annoying so may just have to change my blog name... I don't really know how many problems this will cause me it's just so annoying. I hope I don't just lose my whole blog when the domain expires? EEK. Does anyone know much about this?

I'm absolutely loving yellow at the moment - it's definitely my  favorite colour of the season. I saw this dress in Topshop Oxford Circus the other day and loved the simple shape and 90's style thin straps. I'm never really a girly girl so toughened it up with my Warehouse leather jacket (which I haven't taken off since I got it), handmade choker and the trusty Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes which I don't think I will ever ever ever get bored of.

I'm trying to plan a day/night outfit for Field Day this Saturday, are any of you going? Come say hiiiiii :D

Dress - Topshop £18 // Leather Jacket - c/o Warehouse // Belt - Topshop £12 // Boots - Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes £120ish // Frilly socks - eBay £2 // Choker - Handmade

Sorry about the paleness - i've kinda decided to ditch the tanned look and embrace my inner ghost. 

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Jessie xoxo


  1. Ah man I absolutely love this dress. I've wanted it for so long, really wish I'd bought it in the first place now! The coltranes look so good with it. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

    1. jacket and dress both are great combination for this summer. i will really buy this dress soon..

  2. Love how 90s this is.. The boots and dress combo is just amazing! So jealous you're away to Field Day too.. Looks so good!!



  3. The dress looks so good with the boots and socks, love it! Actually was looking at this dress in store, really want it, it's so cute!

  4. Sooo cute! You're photos are always so good too xx

  5. Soooo cute! I love the choker

  6. perfect as always! especially love your shoes <3

  7. tried this dress on today - looks a lot better on you than me ;) x

  8. I'd been contemplating buying this dress for a while- it looks perfect on you! xxx

  9. cute outfit i really love the dress its adorable! I love how youve kind of rocked/edged the outfit up though looks great! You look amazing :)

    Hayley xx

  10. So cute! :) I'm loving yellow too!

  11. Love the girly dress with grunge accessories it gives a cool edge :)

  12. This is so cute! I've recently had domain problems and sorted them myself if you want to drop me a line xxx

  13. Loveee this outfit! I can't believe I still don't own any cut out boots :(

    Tilly xx

  14. cute dress

  15. I looove your jacket! and those socks and cut out boots are just awesome.
    hope you manage to sort out your domain stuff and don't lose your blog! that would be a nightmare!

    ordaining serendipity

  16. Love the jacket and dress :)

  17. I really love your style !!! your boots are amazing ! I´m following you !
    If you want check my latest post ;)

    Kisses **


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