Friday, 21 June 2013


Hellooooo from Italia!!

Ok yeah, so my photos haven't been taken in Italy, I took them before I came out and had them ready to publish today. (What an organised blogger I am!) Anyway, i'm sick of hearing ohh you never wear things more than once, you always have new clothes blah blah blah so this outfit is made up of things I have previously worn in my posts. I actually wore this outfit to Field Day a few weeks ago, I kinda wish it wasn't a skirt, I definitely prefer shorts so I can run around like a child and not have to worry about the world seeing my back side all the time. 

I found my Lazy Oaf kitty socks in a drawer today and thought they could look quite cute with my Juju jellies , why not?! I love Lazy Oaf, and their newest collection is perfect.

Jelly Shoes - JUJU £25ish // Kitty socks - Lazy Oaf £8 // Dungarees - Topshop £32 //Fishnet top - eBay £8 // Lipstick - MAC Morange // Backpack - eBay £4 // Sunglasses - ASOS  £11

I always force Dan to begrudgingly take photos of me when we're out and about and I know how much he's eager to feature on the blog... so hi dan haha.

What do you think of this outfit? I LOVE the kitty socks, do you own anything Lazy Oaf?


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Monday, 17 June 2013



I get almost all my inspiration from reading all of your amazing blogs and there's nothing better than finding new favorites. I regularly find new and amazing bloggers through other's 'top bloggers' posts so decided to share with you a selection of my regular reads. When I went to choose this list, I didn't actually realise how many I do read, and couldn't possibly fit them all in to one post so I will be sharing more favs with you each month.

I get kinda bored of continuously uploading mundane photos of myself, so thought this would be a great way to share the love. 

Absolutely love Georgia's blog and get increasingly jealous of her Aggy Dr Marten boots every time I go on! Follow for quirky outfit posts and amazing wish lists:


Not only does Cheryl rock my favourite shoes of all time so well, she posts great outfits and loves cats nearly, maybe as much as me :D


Sara's blog was probably one of the first I started following - I'm sure you've all been lusting over her WAISTE creations. I love her bohemian, whimsical styled outfits she posts regularly on her blog:


How perfect is Carmen's my little pony-esque pink locks? She posts great outfit posts that will keep you lusting over her clothes and has an amazing youtube channel. Follow her at


I get massive inspiration from Frankie at She's got great style and rocks trainers so perfectly! This outfit has made me NEED the Coltranes in white, oh so perfect!


OK so I was definitely meant to of come across this blog for a reason. I was selling the Aggy Deyn dress Kiani-Iman is wearing in this post on eBay, and she was the winning bidder and recognised my profile photo from my blog that she reads! *small world* Anyway, she's now one of my fav blogs and has super cool style all the way from California (Lucky her!!)

What do you think of their blogs? Can you tell they're some of my main inspiration, haha?

Do you like posts like this? Who are your favorite bloggers, I love following new people!


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Wednesday, 12 June 2013



As i've grown older I have started to shop in Monsoon and Accessorize a lot more than when I was younger. Never before now have I actually appreciated the intricate detailing and beautiful bright colours and textures they have to offer. 

For me, I regularly shop in Accessorize for my summer staples. I know I will find absolutely beautiful beach bags, flip flops and sunglasses in store for a reasonable price. Apart from these staples, I am particularly loving trends that are influenced from the far east at the moment and I predict they are going to be huge this festival season. I can't stop wearing bindi's, and anything with an elephant motif is mine! Additionally the whole 'boho chic' is a trend i'm really starting to embrace at the moment. Both trends, I think Monsoon and Accessorize really nail on the head with their AW/13 collections.

Summer is 'apparently' here, but to be honest i'm looking forward to wrapping up warm and sitting in front of a fire in some chunky bohemian wear this winter.

I eagerly await these collections of romantic florals, Russian inspired patterns and chunky knitted sweaters in stores. Layered together with a heavy dose of chunky jewelry from Accessorize, dressing for Winter couldn't be easier! 



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Tuesday, 11 June 2013



I've complied a few items I am completely lusting over at the moment. I know it's meant to be summer and the bright colour should be embraced but I am loving the simplicity and elegance of black and white at the moment. 

1. I'm a huge phone case addict, and what more could you ask for from a case than this leather, sophisticated skull detailed Alexander McQueen number. It's being sold through Cruise Fashion who sell a huge range of luxury brands I am lusting over daily. It's £140, so quite an investment for your iPhone, but it's just so beautiful.

2. I love leather, I love panelling, and I love Topshop - this beautiful dress is £120 but an absolute staple for any wardrobe.

3. I'm actually not much of a magpie when it comes to jewellery, I hardly buy it, always forget to wear it and am actually really fussy when it comes to choosing it! But I do love the unusual eagle on this and think it would look fantastic underneath a buttoned up collar. Also, it's only £12 - bargain. Can buy here

4. As you all probably know, I already own the black JC coltranes and they have never come off my feet since the day I purchased them from Karmaloop last year. I am lusting over these white boots so much, and think they would be perfect for the summer. I've seen so many amazing bloggers in them and i'm really jealous. They are selling on Karmaloop currently in the sale here for just £84  *sobs because I have no money*. I'm a massive fan of Karmaloop though - they have some great picks.

5. I think this is my favorite piece of the lot. I absolutely love crochet at the moment but unfortunately don't own anything. I think this beautiful dress would be perfect for my holiday in Italy next week and also for festival season. It's not a bad price at £60 - i'm just waiting for some kind of discount day? *hopes and prays*

6. I'm not usually a big designer handbag fan but which girl have you ever met who doesn't love Chanel? This image speaks for itself - it's perfect in every way and one day will belong in my wardrobe!

What do you think of this wishlist, what's your fav item?

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Saturday, 8 June 2013



It makes a change my photos have a background other than a crusty green house. I've been in Portsmouth all day with my friend Dan - he goes to uni there and had an interview so I thought I would take the trip down with him and he gave me a tour around the city! Obviously I took full advantage of a picturesque background and a spare pair of hands to take a quick outfit post, even if I am looking VERY windswept ;) 

I absolutely love Jac Vanek, and after seeing this top on Georgia styled so amazingly, I had to get it! After getting over the glares from old women on the seafront because of the slightly offensive (and very bright) message, I actually started to quite like this top. I think it's kinda more suitable for festivals though perhaps? Anyway, i've wanted an excuse to wear my jelly's for ages and what better location than the sea? Oh, and i'm soooo bored of my hair this colour and just everything, but what else can I do? eughh.

T shirt - Jac Vanek - £25 // Vintage denim - Car boot sale £2 // Jelly shoes - Juju - £20 // Inflateable back pack - eBay £4ish // Frilly socks - Topshop £3 // Denim shorts - Levi's via car boot - £2 // Fishnet top - eBay £8

What do you think of Jac Vanek, do you have any pieces?

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Monday, 3 June 2013



I have this Dr Marten's dress/waistcoat in two colours and I love it. I styled it here in green which you may have seen before but I think it looks better worn as a waistcoat. The rest of the outfit is a bit boring - all black and white which is rare for me as I definitely love a bright colour in and around my life. 

Daisy dress - Agyness Deyn for Dr Martens £30 via Outlet / Shorts - Topshop £28 / Coltranes - Jeffrey Campbell £120  / Glitter socks - UO £8 / Crop top - Topshop £10 / Leather Jacket - c/o Warehouse / Bullet Necklace - Tentative Decisions  

Fluffy kittens, cats and funny faces is definitely what my morning consisted of today!

Going to be behind the Northampton University stall at GFW tomorrow, any of you showcasing?


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Sunday, 2 June 2013



I only went to one car boot today and also didn't get there until 11am! I thought all the bargs would be gone by that time as I usually like to get there for around 8am. However I managed to buy absolutely loads today, there was one stall of young girls just selling rails and rails of Topshop, Lipsy, Zara ect and most of it still had tags on, yayyy.

Vintage LEE jeans jacket - £2

Velvet Topshop boutique playsuit - £4

GOSH nail varnish - 10p

Cute festivally bag - £50p

OK i don't even know what this is, it's like a big sheet with two ties on each end? But as soon as I saw this pattern I was like it's definitely mine! - 50p

Vintage bomber - £1

Zara smart wool coat - This isn't very me but for £1 I couldn't really resist!

Topshop heart print strapless dress - £2

See through vintage blouse thingy - £1

Pixie Lott for Lipsy floral playsuit - £5 I wouldn't usually spend this much at a car boot but seein as it still has it's £65 price tag on I thought it was still a bargain! :D

Now I wish I had gone to more this morning and got up earlier! Have you gone to any car boots recently? Leave your links to haul posts - I love seeing everyone's bargains :D

Getting fed up not having a job now (if you know of anything please send it my way!), still on the hunt, wish me luck!! My portfolio work is being shown at GFW all this week with Northampton Uni - are any of you showcasing any collections, I would love to see! I'll be there on Tuesday if anyone's around?

Jessie xx

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