Friday, 21 June 2013


Hellooooo from Italia!!

Ok yeah, so my photos haven't been taken in Italy, I took them before I came out and had them ready to publish today. (What an organised blogger I am!) Anyway, i'm sick of hearing ohh you never wear things more than once, you always have new clothes blah blah blah so this outfit is made up of things I have previously worn in my posts. I actually wore this outfit to Field Day a few weeks ago, I kinda wish it wasn't a skirt, I definitely prefer shorts so I can run around like a child and not have to worry about the world seeing my back side all the time. 

I found my Lazy Oaf kitty socks in a drawer today and thought they could look quite cute with my Juju jellies , why not?! I love Lazy Oaf, and their newest collection is perfect.

Jelly Shoes - JUJU £25ish // Kitty socks - Lazy Oaf £8 // Dungarees - Topshop £32 //Fishnet top - eBay £8 // Lipstick - MAC Morange // Backpack - eBay £4 // Sunglasses - ASOS  £11

I always force Dan to begrudgingly take photos of me when we're out and about and I know how much he's eager to feature on the blog... so hi dan haha.

What do you think of this outfit? I LOVE the kitty socks, do you own anything Lazy Oaf?


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