Monday, 17 June 2013



I get almost all my inspiration from reading all of your amazing blogs and there's nothing better than finding new favorites. I regularly find new and amazing bloggers through other's 'top bloggers' posts so decided to share with you a selection of my regular reads. When I went to choose this list, I didn't actually realise how many I do read, and couldn't possibly fit them all in to one post so I will be sharing more favs with you each month.

I get kinda bored of continuously uploading mundane photos of myself, so thought this would be a great way to share the love. 

Absolutely love Georgia's blog and get increasingly jealous of her Aggy Dr Marten boots every time I go on! Follow for quirky outfit posts and amazing wish lists:


Not only does Cheryl rock my favourite shoes of all time so well, she posts great outfits and loves cats nearly, maybe as much as me :D


Sara's blog was probably one of the first I started following - I'm sure you've all been lusting over her WAISTE creations. I love her bohemian, whimsical styled outfits she posts regularly on her blog:


How perfect is Carmen's my little pony-esque pink locks? She posts great outfit posts that will keep you lusting over her clothes and has an amazing youtube channel. Follow her at


I get massive inspiration from Frankie at She's got great style and rocks trainers so perfectly! This outfit has made me NEED the Coltranes in white, oh so perfect!


OK so I was definitely meant to of come across this blog for a reason. I was selling the Aggy Deyn dress Kiani-Iman is wearing in this post on eBay, and she was the winning bidder and recognised my profile photo from my blog that she reads! *small world* Anyway, she's now one of my fav blogs and has super cool style all the way from California (Lucky her!!)

What do you think of their blogs? Can you tell they're some of my main inspiration, haha?

Do you like posts like this? Who are your favorite bloggers, I love following new people!


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