Saturday, 8 June 2013



It makes a change my photos have a background other than a crusty green house. I've been in Portsmouth all day with my friend Dan - he goes to uni there and had an interview so I thought I would take the trip down with him and he gave me a tour around the city! Obviously I took full advantage of a picturesque background and a spare pair of hands to take a quick outfit post, even if I am looking VERY windswept ;) 

I absolutely love Jac Vanek, and after seeing this top on Georgia styled so amazingly, I had to get it! After getting over the glares from old women on the seafront because of the slightly offensive (and very bright) message, I actually started to quite like this top. I think it's kinda more suitable for festivals though perhaps? Anyway, i've wanted an excuse to wear my jelly's for ages and what better location than the sea? Oh, and i'm soooo bored of my hair this colour and just everything, but what else can I do? eughh.

T shirt - Jac Vanek - £25 // Vintage denim - Car boot sale £2 // Jelly shoes - Juju - £20 // Inflateable back pack - eBay £4ish // Frilly socks - Topshop £3 // Denim shorts - Levi's via car boot - £2 // Fishnet top - eBay £8

What do you think of Jac Vanek, do you have any pieces?

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