Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Yoo yo yo,

I haven't blogged since boom town last week and words can't even describe how crazy and amazing it was. It was definitely the best 4 days i've ever had and I want to go every year of my life. It's not like any festival i've ever been to before, and the thought of returning to V after this literally makes me want to vom. Everyone was dressed up in fun fancy dress, everything was far from ordinary and I felt like I was in my spiritual home! I have a few photos but I dunno if you're interested in seeing them?

I went out for a quick lunch by the canal today with Dan, and dragged him in to take a few snaps (obviously). The overlay on my skirt is actually an Indian bolero I picked up from the car boot but it fitted perfectly round my waist and I think looks really cute over the top of skirts and dresses. What do you think? 

 Skirt - Topshop £32 // Bolero used as overskirt - Car boot sale £4 // Crop top - Urban Outfitters £16 // Chain - River Island £12 // Bindi - Pack of about 1000 - eBay £2 // Shoes - Dr Martens £30ish // Socks - Topshop £3 // Rucksack - Car boot £50p

Dan taking the mickey out of my poses pa ha ha! (sorry had to include this!!)

Are any of you going to carnival this weekend? I'll be there on Sunday, come say heyyyyy :D

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Jessie xoxo

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  1. Wish I could rock a bindi like you! I love your blog! Would mind checking out mine? It would mean a lot, thankyou <3


  2. I can't believe that bag was 50p, wow. And your outfit is very pretty.

  3. love how that bolero looks over the skirt, I really like bindis, they always look adorable! :) x
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  4. ok so you are achingly cool ! x

  5. This outfit is drop dead amazing! X


  6. Love this outfit, you look so cute! The bolero definitely looks ahmazing over this skirt!

    & YES YES YES to boom town pics please

    tan-talk.blogspot.co.uk x

  7. Loveeee this outfit!
    Especially the bolero, bindi and bag! <3


  8. love love love... i have no words....


  9. would never think to use a bolero over a skirt like this, looks so cute!


  10. A lovely example of cultural appropriation. Way to take a respected and meaningful symbolism of the Hindu culture and turn it into a fashion accessory. I mean, I am a Caucasian Hindu, I have been my whole life and I as well have encountered comments such as these from people who didn't realize that I was raised Hindu. I have just been following your blog for a long time, and I have not seen you mention that you are Hindu. It's disrespectful.


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