Thursday, 8 August 2013



First of all i'm about to leave to go to BOOM TOWN, i'm sooooo excited and I just know it's going to be the funnest weekend of my life. We've got the glitter, face paint, unicorns, paddling pool and fancy dress ready! Eeeeeek :D

I'm really really excited to show you this Jump From Paper bag I kindly got sent. I love anything fun when it comes to fashion so when I got to choose one of their amazing styles I couldn't believe it. I couldn't quite get my head around it as it looks like it's been photoshopped on the image, hence the 'Jump from paper' name. It arrived at my house and the design is amazing, I couldn't wait to photograph it. I'm really happy with the photos and am still so shocked at how cartoony it looks. I couldn't recommend this bag enough, it really does turn heads!

This fringed Soinfashion kimono is a new favorite piece in my wardrobe. It's perfect for festivals and I love how it adds so much texture to my outfit.

Silk dress - £38 Topshop // Platforms - Topshop via a friend // Necklace - c/o Whittle by Design // Fringed Kimono c/o So in fashion // Glasses - c/o Firmoo // Bag - c/o Jump From Paper

I love this mirror necklace c/o of a freelance fashion designer who's website is Whittle by Design. She gets her inspiration from geometric shapes and incorporates lots of acrylic into her designs. Follow her on Facebook, her blog  and her Instagram.

I love these bright coloured specs from Firmoo  they are really good quality and a great fit. I always struggle find frames that suit me but I actually really like these. Anyone can get their first pair for free if you click this link - there's plenty to choose from!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a fringed kimono here

Adios Amigos!
Jessie xoxo

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  1. That bag is crazy! I had trouble believing it was real!
    :) loving the dress too xx

  2. This bag is crazy! I thought you'd like added it on the pictures after!
    I really want one.
    I hate being skint pahahaa.
    I've never seen anything like it!

    Kelly ||

  3. That bag is amazing! It really does look photo-shopped :p x

  4. Wow that bag is actually amazing - I can't get over how cool it looks!

  5. First of all I hope you have fun at boom town. Your outfit in these photos is so cute, and the more I look at your bag, the more I convince myself it just can't be real! x

  6. That bag is insane!!! Love the shoes as well xx

  7. Wow, that bag is AMAZING! It literally looks like you've took a felt tip pen on drawn it on!


  8. This bag is awesome! :DDD

  9. I still can't get over this bag!! I saw your post on IG this morning and it took me ages to work out if it was edited!! Have a fab weekend xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  10. Wow!! This bag is so cool.. Before i even read what you had wrote at the top of the post i was trying to figure out whether you had photoshopped it in, then i read what you had put and realized you hadnt!? lol.. It looks sooo cartoon-y, haha.. i love it!

    Great post, Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  11. That must be the coolest bag ever! I skimmed through the post at first and was so confused thinking you'd photoshopped in a bag, haha!
    Love your outfit too, I always regret not getting that silk dress from topshop! Wah :(
    Lydia Rose

  12. The bag is so cool I love how i thought it was a cartoon at first. Beautiful x

  13. You look so lovely, that kimono is beautiful! And oh gosh your bag really confused me for a while there, it looks so much like a cartoon illustration I thought it was edited, fab! x

    The Little Things

  14. Gorgeous kimono!

  15. I love your outfit and your bag too!! Amazing :D

  16. Is that bag seriously real?! it so looks photoshopped! love it x

  17. hahahaha omgosh that bag looked unreal! i had to take so many looks... awesome!


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