Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Futuristic fashion is a current key trend and designers are increasingly looking into into the future for inspiration for their next design. After the huge Black Milk galaxy printed leggings craze that the entire high street all rinsed to death, Sci-Fi looks and space-age designs are still prominent. Designer wise, the ILJA Spring 2013 Collection features floor-length gowns accentuated with sharp, sculptural embellishments. Additionally the Hasan Hejazi's autumn/winter 2013 campaign entitled Polaris modeled by Abbey Clancy features metallics and angular head pieces. 

These are my favourite sci fi inspired pieces from the high street at the moment:
1 2 3 4 5 6

Fashion isn't the only industry borrowing from the future; the technological industry is constantly pushing its boundaries too. Part of Sony Xperia Z smartphones' latest campaign shows the phones mounted on a one-off spiral rig set up to capture every angle of an explosive fashion collaboration that pushes fashion and technology to new limits.

'Xperia Z Versus Fashion' captures every angle of three explosive transitions that model Sera underwent, while wearing four pieces of fashion designer Christopher Raeburn's recent collection for London Fashion Week.

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