Monday, 9 September 2013



I'm a huge leather fan so when I received this Romwe leather strappy number I instantly thought to pair it with my H and M skirt even though I have worn it a million times. It's definitely quite a strong look and is a bit of a 'London' outfit if you know what I mean. You wear some things around here and people are like d fuq? I don't normally care at all but this is very S and M! So i'm still unemployed I have absolutely zilch money to buy new things at the moment so I constantly feel like I have nothing to wear wahhh.

Top - c/o Romwe // Leather harness - c/o Romwe // Leather skirt - H and M £29.99 // Boots - Topshop £65

What do you think of this outfit, too S and M?

Jessie xoxo

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  1. I'm in love with your top, and the harness looks amazing with it! I have a similar harness but I've never actually worn it yet because I'm always scared it looks too bondage-y haha xx

  2. Love the whole look! And that lip color was the best choice, looks amazing on you x

  3. You look lovely! I know what you mean though about sometimes people giving you funny looks. This doesn't look S&M to me at all though xoxo

  4. The harness actually looks amazing; I would never in the world think about buying something like that. But the way you styled it is so cool, I would consider buying it (if it wasn't for the fact that I'm broke)

  5. Really love this outfit, you suit it so much! :) xx

  6. Pretty cool outfit!
    I know what you mean with a 'London outfit'
    I don't think I would be brave enough to wear it :)


  7. REally cool outfit and really love your hair <3
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  8. Just found your blog and I'm obsessed, your style is amazing!


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