Tuesday, 29 October 2013



Last weekend when it was pouring rain I was kind of bored so I went online looking to play some online games. I’m not a gambler at all but I came across Butlers Bingo which is an online bingo site. I always thought online bingo looked pretty fun! Butler’s Bingo kindly give you £10 free no deposit bingo game credits to play with if you are a new user. I used £10 on the games including themed scratch cards, dice games, and roulette kind games. I’m definitely not a massive gambler so only bet £1-£2 at a time as I wanted to play as many different variations as possible. 

Unfortunately I didn’t win anything on the scratch cards (WAH) or the ‘Bunny Boiler’. I then played a higher or lower game of which you guess the next card and won my first win: an impressive £5 haha. Woop Woop. This did however allow me to continue on and play ‘Granny Prix’ – (I lost!) and ‘Freezing Fuzzballs’ – (I lost!).

At this point I had about £5 credit left from my original £10  no deposit bonus and played ‘Germinator’. This was definitely my favourite game on the bingo site, partly because I basically won every spin, I slowly crept my stake up and was basically rolling in dollar bills (I won £7, lol) You do actually get a bit of a buzz though, so I continued playing and proceeded to lose it all haha. It was fun whilst it lasted...

I thoroughly enjoyed my half an hour’s online bingo gaming experience and I can appreciate the buzz it provides, but I won’t be a regular online bingo player! I’m not really the online gambler type but it was definitely quite a fun experience and I can see why it attracts so many people!


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