Tuesday, 29 October 2013



First up, I seem to be doing a lot of cringey selfy photos at the moment so I do apologise for that! Bit of a lazy outfit here but I was visiting my bestie Lexie in Oxford this weekend so we took advantage of each other as photographers and took a few outfit posts. I still haven't mastered the self timer yet...

I've been wearing my hair up like this for ages now as it's great for 2 day old hair but if one more person tells me they love my 'Miley Cyrus' look! So I thought I would embrace my inner Miley with the poses... On another note i've purchased three new pairs of cute shoes recently and these were the second pair. Shocked at the fact they are New Look as I know RI did exactly the same pair for double the price.

Crochet top - Car boot 50p // Pink dress - Mink Pink via UO £35 // Chunky sandals - New Look £30 // Lipstick - Sleek Mystic // Earrings - Primark £2 // Necklace - Tentative Decisions.

Peace out kitties!!


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