Wednesday, 9 October 2013



I was recently contacted by a PR agency asking if I would like to show you a video from BHS's new 'Get dress up for Autumn' campaign. As probably most of you too, I associate BHS with grannies and Sloggi underwear. The only time I would ever even enter the store was to look at the concession brands, and hardly then would I ever even buy something. But, after watching the video, it's actually a bit saucy...

Directed by Jonas Akerlund: it features Zunana Gregorova performing a reverse strip tease. Yep, BHS, I know!

I find as i'm getting a bit older I am looking for better quality staple pieces to buy, and for no extra cost than other retailers on the high street, BHS provides this for you in their new Autumn/Winter range. They have definitely tried to tap into the younger generations with their relaunch, and I think this has been somewhat successful. Underwear, thick and chunky knitwear, and winter coats are three areas I think they have particularly excelled in with their new collection. The coat featured in the video is only £65, so compared to Zara for example, is probably nearly half the price of something similar.

Will you be checking BHS for future staple pieces?

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