Tuesday, 15 October 2013


1  - Say hey to my new bestie at London Zoo, cute little sloth features I want to take him home / 2 - Me and my friend Lexie went for dinner at this Thai in Notting Hill, it's one of my favourite restaurants in London and is actually really reasonable / 3 - Selfys at Notting Hill Carnival / 4  - I took advantage of Dominos 50% off when you spend over £15 deal and ordered a huge banquet. All in all we got three large stuffed crusts, a side of jalapenos and cheese thingys, a tub of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food and some Diet Coke to make it nice and healthy ;). We definitely managed to scoff it all with no regrets though, yummy! The pizzas were delicious and the order arrived really quickly. I'll definitely be ordering again very soon!  / 5 - My favourite Ette two piece!/ 6 - New catci I planted in vintage tea cups, so cute right?! / 7 - Part of a very lacy outfit post / 8 - Me big pimpin' since 1997 ;) haha  / 9 - White lace innocence. / 

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  1. looks like you had a fab time! love your flower twosie omg <3


  2. I love the floral two piece.
    Those pizzas are making me hungry.


  3. The sunflower co-ord is incredible, love it! I'm such an avid follower of your blog :)



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