Monday, 9 December 2013



It's nearly Christmas and that means one thing for me: food, food, food and more food. Turkey, gingerbread men, advert calenders, chocolate, cheese sauce, mince pies, roast potatoes. The list goes on...

Normally I find it quite hard to get all Christmassy and festive but this year I seem to be in the mood already, maybe it's the thought of all that food! I visited the ultra original 'Winter Wonderland' this week haha. As samey as it is, it's always great fun for an hour's entertainment. Tip for ye though; do not go on a Saturday unless you're willing to queue to get in. Yes, QUEUE. Anyway the decorations are up in my house and the Christmas TV ads are back on screen. Everyone always seems to buzz off the Coca Cola ad but it's this new BHS ad that's really caught my eye this year:


It's genuinely really creative, quirky and right up my street with toys coming to life, how exciting!! Funnily enough I went Christmas shopping last week and went all around town with not much luck until I got to BHS and actually got most of my gifts from there, they have some great ideas and are a lot cheaper than other department stores cough John Lewis cough. I want to tell you all what I got but I don't want them reading this ;)

Two more presents to get anyway so the stress of that has nearly gone yay! What's your favourite ad this Christmas?

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