Monday, 23 December 2013



I'm such a bad blogger at the moment. Winter is so awkward as it gets to dark early blah blah blah I know so many excuses. Anyway i'm back and i'm gonna try a bit harder to post more often providing I can find cute outfits haha. 

I went to the Bitching and Junkfood sample sale the other day... Is it even possible for there to be a better sample sale? I got sooo much including these cute dungarees for only £10 - barg of the century. They're actually a bit big for me and fall down quite a lot but I had to get them! I always use this cheapo eBay cropeed net top to layer under dresses and dungarees to add a 90's vibe, completely transforms an otherwise quite twee and plain outfit.

Dungaree dress - Bitching and Junkfood sample sale £10  Netted top - eBay £4ish // Dr Martens - eBay £35ish // Lipstick - Sleek

Merry Christmas y'all! Are any of you B&J fans?!

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