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Ages ago back in summer I was asked by the lovely ladies at Cagecity HQ to go and do a shoot featuring some of my favourite brands including MinkPink and StyleStalker. There were also some great one off unique handmade pieces. I got to style up all the outfits and there were some great pieces to choose from! Afterwards I answered a few questions in an interview which you can read here. Anyway I thought I would share a few of the final images with you. Apologies now for my appalling photoshop skill. If nothing else, I was pretty happy with how my styling came out - such cute outfits if only they were all in my wardrobe!

My favourite outfits have to be number 1, number 3 and number 5. Absolutely in love with the thick pink knitted embellished jumper teamed with the crochet black skirt. The handmade purple bomber is another favourite grunged up with black JC Coltranes and a strappy dress.  My least favourite has to be the second outfit, it's really not very me, in hindsight I'm not quite sure why I picked a bodycon skirt as I would rarely ever wear anything bodycon  :\

In other news i'm 'Blog of the moment' on Bangstyle's website. You can read my full interview here:

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Chow for now!

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