Saturday, 22 February 2014



I think i'm addicted to black, seriously. I love it. I love looking like a witch, this is probably my witchiest outfit yet. I'm a huge fan of bell sleeves, it adds such a bohemian vibe to any outfit which is perfect in my eyes. I purchased this Freak of Nature velvet dungaree dress from fellow blogger Stephanie's big cartel: shop here - She has amazing style so shop all her clothes!

I went to Frank & Doll's sample sale last week in Shoreditch and picked up some absolute beauts. I'm trying to invest more into great pieces from brands I love rather than old crap from Topshop. I'm trying to avoid the high street as much as possible these days and focus on crafting a slightly more individual style I guess. Brands like Mink Pink, Freak of Nature and Evil Twin are all so perfect at the moment I can't help but want their entire collections.

Bell sleeved top - Mink Pink £10 via Frank & Doll sample sale // Velvet Dungarees - Freak of Nature £15 via StephanieJW // Coat - Mink Pink £25 via Frank & Doll sample sale // Shoes - Vagabonds £80 via Office // Hamsa necklace - Primark £2 // Crystal necklace - Tentative Decisions prize

I'm trying to inject more floatiness, witchcraft and crystals into my wardrobe. Being a witch is fun. 


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ps. I'm selling lots of clothes on my depop account: velvet_daisy

Saturday, 15 February 2014



A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to a new world of healthy food by nut, gluten and milk free brand Ilumi. I was very kindly sent what I can only describe as a huge and absolutely delicious package to review. Never before have I ever reviewed any food products but I've recently been trying to eat a lot healthier and take more notice of the ingredients that are going in to the food I eat so thought this would be a great opportunity for me to watch what I eat and see if I actually feel any healthier and can notice a difference.

The package sent to me was a 7 day food plan but took me 10 days to complete as there was so much food! It was actually really handy as I took the meals to with me to work every day for lunch as it's all microwavable and takes no more than 3 minutes to cook. Literally living the life with these ready meals, not only are they ready in less than 5 minutes but they are uber healthy too.

I am a bit of a lazy cook when it comes to eating by myself as I just can't be bothered to make huge fancy meals for one person - it seems pointless to me so I am a bit of a sucker for ready meals. Almost all of the ready meals available in supermarkets are full of nasty allergens but Ilumi eliminates these and innocently makes hearty, healthy food with natural ingredients. The packaging shows clearly each and every item that is inside each pouch making it clear what you are eating with the nutritional information next to it. Ilumi have a team of chefs and nutritionists to create perfect tasting food using locally sourced ingredients and I could definitely taste the difference. The meals felt less oily than standard ready meals and a lot lot healthier!

After the 7 days of eating Ilumi, I have noticed a difference in my health and my skin feels a lot clearer - I have been making a conscious effort to double my intake of water too so no doubt this has helped! Although I wasn't concentrating on losing any weight this week I have lost a few pounds probably due to the intake of more fresh vegetables and less giant bars of Cadburys. 

I think it's safe to say I shouldn't be a food photographer but here are a few snaps of the food from the last week - definitely don't do the meals justice but you get an idea.

I'm definitely not one to buy specialty foods online but after eating fresh with Ilumi for a week I am 100% going to buy some of my favourite meals sampled this week in the near future. Spicy Harira Soup, Zaatar Chicken and the Moroccan Veg Tagine were my ultimate favs! :D

Massive thank you for Ilumi for all the delicious food.

Visit there website here to get a £10 off discount code with your first order:
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Thursday, 13 February 2014


It’s a nice idea, isn’t it, having an organised wardrobe that means you can maximise the space that you have, regardless of how much, or how little, space that is. However, the idea of categorising your clothes so that you can see what you own can often seem like an overwhelming task that many of us will choose to avoid.

If you’re determined to sort your wardrobe this spring though, categorising your clothes so that there’s some organisation to them, can really help you to not only get rid of garments you don’t need anymore, but also allow you to see what you actually have. As it stands, in a normal, disorganised wardrobe, you will often lose a t shirt or a vest top for months on end because it’s hiding between a couple of dresses or underneath a jumper on a hanger you’ve had to use for two garments. Take a look at these top tips and you will soon see why categorising your clothes is a good idea, whether you think it’s anal or not.

Separating your clothes according to the type of garment you own is a popular way of managing your wardrobe. It not only allows you to see what you own, but it also makes it far easier to pull out, and put back, pieces of clothing as and when you need them. So, grab all your vest tops and hang them together, then move onto sleeves, jumpers and jackets. Do the same for trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses so that you know exactly what you own.

Doing this will also allow you to re-evaluate what clothes you have, and what you may need to invest in. Is there ever a bad time to look at the tops and dresses at George? At least after organising your wardrobe, you could justify it a little better!

Alternatively, you could organise depending on the occasion. So, keep workwear together, casual day wear together and going out clothes together, too. Try and keep your wardrobe filled with clothes that you will wear frequently. Big and bulky clothes that you don’t use very often, such as ski gear or evening gowns, can be taken out of the wardrobe and stored elsewhere, freeing up invaluable space that you could use more wisely.

If you want to be even more organised, once you have categorised into occasions, you could then separate into garment types and, if you’re super organised, colour as well!

If you have a bed with storage, such as a divan with drawers, utilise these drawers to store out of season clothes that you may need to access if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Rarely used clothes can be placed in the guest room in a separate wardrobe, or in the loft in a vacuum bag, clearly labelled so that you know where things are when you need them.

Fitted wardrobes also benefit from floor space that you may not have in a typical wardrobe. If you have this luxury, you could invest in a chest of drawers which you could use to store jeans, hoodies and trousers, giving you even more space on the rail for all of your tops, skirts and dresses!

The trick is to stay on top of the organisation, once you’ve done it. Otherwise, you’ll be back to square one in less than a month! 

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Thursday, 6 February 2014



First of all excuse the windy hair and dodgy expressions in these photos, there was actually a storm - well kinda! 

I was ecstatic to receive this 'This is a love song' dress which the lovely ladies at The Clear Agency sent across to me last week. The brand has recently been dubbed 'The streetwear label to know' by Harpers Bazaar, the Bali-based brand is making its UK debut at Harrods for Spring Summer. I'm not joking when I say there clothes are perfect.. I'm lusting over a sequin alien top I just have to have in my wardrobe along with about 138 other items. 

I'm like the genuine leather harness details and joint back of this dress. It comes in two pieces - an under leotard and then a over the top harness and sheer skirt - once all the adjustments are right I think it's quite cool even though my boobs are a bit I decided to dress down with docs and my new favourite alien eye bag but I recently wore it out with black platforms and a statement necklace.

Leather harness dress c/o This is a Love Song via The Clear Agency // Alien eye bag - Kreepsville 666 £30 // Eyeball earrings - c/o Punky Pins // Boots - Dr Martens £45ish // Eyeball hairbands - Kreepsville 666

What do you think of this dress, I need a second opinion?! :D


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We all have that preparation panic when we come close to going on holiday. With so much to remember and pre-holiday stress a looming reality for many of us, it's a wonder we make the flight at all. 

The holiday wardrobe is one of the first things we look to sort out. Shopping for your holiday clothes and footwear can be one of the most enjoyable activities when preparing to go on holiday. Everyone loves trying things on and imagining how much better they'll look with a cocktail in hand sitting on the beach, rather than in a dingy dressing room in Grimsby. We all want to look great on holiday and with all the walking, strolling and exploring ahead, we want to be comfortable too.

Producing footwear that prides itself on being ergonomically sound, FitFlop uses science and technology to create snug, stylish shoes. With a range of sandals and holiday shoes available, they can banish at least some of your holiday panic. We've all been sandal shopping and thought we've found the most comfortable, beautiful pair on the high street. Fast forward two weeks and the inside of your toes are shredded, one of the straps has broken and the sole is so thin it feels like you're walking barefoot. FitFlop's designs not only feel great and look amazing, they are long-lasting.
The company produces a range of sandals for both men and women in a variety of different styles and materials. Some have sparkling studs for a bit of glamour and others are made in metallics for the look of a goddess in the summer sun! Men's sandals come in sturdy leather designs and sportier styles for those looking to do something slightly more adventurous than chill out on the beach.
Visit the site,, to browse through their wide range of sandals. You can tick at least one box off your holiday checklist before the summertime madness kicks in!
*in collaboration with fitflop

Tuesday, 4 February 2014



Last week I was lucky enough to be one of the few bloggers that were invited to the Missguided's SS14 press day in Mayfair. I'm absolutely lusting over every single item in the new collection. As you all know i'm a huge two piece fan so you can imagine how excited I was to see about 10 different cute designs on show. Boho styling is only getting bigger this SS14 and Missguided definitely have that sorted with endless beautiful designs, can't wait for the sun to come out  :D 

The event was great, there were plenty of cute cocktails, scrumptious meringue and also a cheeky little goodie bag! It was amazing to finally meet the absolute beautiful gals ChelseaTilly and Georgina i've been following for so long. Definitely need a gals night out soon! 

I just can't wait for summer now so I can snap up all the Missguided goodies - my lust list is forever growing. Thanks so much for a great event to everyone at Missguided <3 p="">