Thursday, 6 February 2014


We all have that preparation panic when we come close to going on holiday. With so much to remember and pre-holiday stress a looming reality for many of us, it's a wonder we make the flight at all. 

The holiday wardrobe is one of the first things we look to sort out. Shopping for your holiday clothes and footwear can be one of the most enjoyable activities when preparing to go on holiday. Everyone loves trying things on and imagining how much better they'll look with a cocktail in hand sitting on the beach, rather than in a dingy dressing room in Grimsby. We all want to look great on holiday and with all the walking, strolling and exploring ahead, we want to be comfortable too.

Producing footwear that prides itself on being ergonomically sound, FitFlop uses science and technology to create snug, stylish shoes. With a range of sandals and holiday shoes available, they can banish at least some of your holiday panic. We've all been sandal shopping and thought we've found the most comfortable, beautiful pair on the high street. Fast forward two weeks and the inside of your toes are shredded, one of the straps has broken and the sole is so thin it feels like you're walking barefoot. FitFlop's designs not only feel great and look amazing, they are long-lasting.
The company produces a range of sandals for both men and women in a variety of different styles and materials. Some have sparkling studs for a bit of glamour and others are made in metallics for the look of a goddess in the summer sun! Men's sandals come in sturdy leather designs and sportier styles for those looking to do something slightly more adventurous than chill out on the beach.
Visit the site,, to browse through their wide range of sandals. You can tick at least one box off your holiday checklist before the summertime madness kicks in!
*in collaboration with fitflop

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