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A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to a new world of healthy food by nut, gluten and milk free brand Ilumi. I was very kindly sent what I can only describe as a huge and absolutely delicious package to review. Never before have I ever reviewed any food products but I've recently been trying to eat a lot healthier and take more notice of the ingredients that are going in to the food I eat so thought this would be a great opportunity for me to watch what I eat and see if I actually feel any healthier and can notice a difference.

The package sent to me was a 7 day food plan but took me 10 days to complete as there was so much food! It was actually really handy as I took the meals to with me to work every day for lunch as it's all microwavable and takes no more than 3 minutes to cook. Literally living the life with these ready meals, not only are they ready in less than 5 minutes but they are uber healthy too.

I am a bit of a lazy cook when it comes to eating by myself as I just can't be bothered to make huge fancy meals for one person - it seems pointless to me so I am a bit of a sucker for ready meals. Almost all of the ready meals available in supermarkets are full of nasty allergens but Ilumi eliminates these and innocently makes hearty, healthy food with natural ingredients. The packaging shows clearly each and every item that is inside each pouch making it clear what you are eating with the nutritional information next to it. Ilumi have a team of chefs and nutritionists to create perfect tasting food using locally sourced ingredients and I could definitely taste the difference. The meals felt less oily than standard ready meals and a lot lot healthier!

After the 7 days of eating Ilumi, I have noticed a difference in my health and my skin feels a lot clearer - I have been making a conscious effort to double my intake of water too so no doubt this has helped! Although I wasn't concentrating on losing any weight this week I have lost a few pounds probably due to the intake of more fresh vegetables and less giant bars of Cadburys. 

I think it's safe to say I shouldn't be a food photographer but here are a few snaps of the food from the last week - definitely don't do the meals justice but you get an idea.

I'm definitely not one to buy specialty foods online but after eating fresh with Ilumi for a week I am 100% going to buy some of my favourite meals sampled this week in the near future. Spicy Harira Soup, Zaatar Chicken and the Moroccan Veg Tagine were my ultimate favs! :D

Massive thank you for Ilumi for all the delicious food.

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