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It’s a nice idea, isn’t it, having an organised wardrobe that means you can maximise the space that you have, regardless of how much, or how little, space that is. However, the idea of categorising your clothes so that you can see what you own can often seem like an overwhelming task that many of us will choose to avoid.

If you’re determined to sort your wardrobe this spring though, categorising your clothes so that there’s some organisation to them, can really help you to not only get rid of garments you don’t need anymore, but also allow you to see what you actually have. As it stands, in a normal, disorganised wardrobe, you will often lose a t shirt or a vest top for months on end because it’s hiding between a couple of dresses or underneath a jumper on a hanger you’ve had to use for two garments. Take a look at these top tips and you will soon see why categorising your clothes is a good idea, whether you think it’s anal or not.

Separating your clothes according to the type of garment you own is a popular way of managing your wardrobe. It not only allows you to see what you own, but it also makes it far easier to pull out, and put back, pieces of clothing as and when you need them. So, grab all your vest tops and hang them together, then move onto sleeves, jumpers and jackets. Do the same for trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses so that you know exactly what you own.

Doing this will also allow you to re-evaluate what clothes you have, and what you may need to invest in. Is there ever a bad time to look at the tops and dresses at George? At least after organising your wardrobe, you could justify it a little better!

Alternatively, you could organise depending on the occasion. So, keep workwear together, casual day wear together and going out clothes together, too. Try and keep your wardrobe filled with clothes that you will wear frequently. Big and bulky clothes that you don’t use very often, such as ski gear or evening gowns, can be taken out of the wardrobe and stored elsewhere, freeing up invaluable space that you could use more wisely.

If you want to be even more organised, once you have categorised into occasions, you could then separate into garment types and, if you’re super organised, colour as well!

If you have a bed with storage, such as a divan with drawers, utilise these drawers to store out of season clothes that you may need to access if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Rarely used clothes can be placed in the guest room in a separate wardrobe, or in the loft in a vacuum bag, clearly labelled so that you know where things are when you need them.

Fitted wardrobes also benefit from floor space that you may not have in a typical wardrobe. If you have this luxury, you could invest in a chest of drawers which you could use to store jeans, hoodies and trousers, giving you even more space on the rail for all of your tops, skirts and dresses!

The trick is to stay on top of the organisation, once you’ve done it. Otherwise, you’ll be back to square one in less than a month! 

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