Saturday, 22 February 2014



I think i'm addicted to black, seriously. I love it. I love looking like a witch, this is probably my witchiest outfit yet. I'm a huge fan of bell sleeves, it adds such a bohemian vibe to any outfit which is perfect in my eyes. I purchased this Freak of Nature velvet dungaree dress from fellow blogger Stephanie's big cartel: shop here - She has amazing style so shop all her clothes!

I went to Frank & Doll's sample sale last week in Shoreditch and picked up some absolute beauts. I'm trying to invest more into great pieces from brands I love rather than old crap from Topshop. I'm trying to avoid the high street as much as possible these days and focus on crafting a slightly more individual style I guess. Brands like Mink Pink, Freak of Nature and Evil Twin are all so perfect at the moment I can't help but want their entire collections.

Bell sleeved top - Mink Pink £10 via Frank & Doll sample sale // Velvet Dungarees - Freak of Nature £15 via StephanieJW // Coat - Mink Pink £25 via Frank & Doll sample sale // Shoes - Vagabonds £80 via Office // Hamsa necklace - Primark £2 // Crystal necklace - Tentative Decisions prize

I'm trying to inject more floatiness, witchcraft and crystals into my wardrobe. Being a witch is fun. 


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ps. I'm selling lots of clothes on my depop account: velvet_daisy

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