Monday, 14 April 2014



I'm not sure i've been up to too much more since I last posted, same old really. Trying to save save save which means no more online shopping for me. But obviously if something amazing just happens to pop up on Depop that I love that's OK... because i'm selling my clothes to make up for it. And then today AA sent me a 30% off voucher today, so this is also OK as i'm saving a whole £20 off the easy jeans, would be stupid not to... they're an investment piece anyway ;) Meh, I am trying and at least my wardrobe looks cute. =^ ^=

It's not often I wear anything simple or plain, yet this Fashion Union green slip dress with side split and back detail ticks quite a few of my boxes this spring teamed with a trusty chunky black heel. 

Green slip dress c/o Fashion Union // Boots - eBay // Coat - c/o River Island // Necklace - Primark //

What do you think? Less is more?


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