Friday, 16 May 2014


Back To Work Survival Guide: It’s time to go back to work! How do you feel? Nervous? Excited? Wondering how on earth you’re going to cope? Don’t panic – all it takes to ease you through it is (admittedly a lot) of forward planning.

Childcare: Whether you choose a nursery, a childminder or a family member to take care of your baby while you’re at work, the crucial thing is that you’re completely happy with your choice. If you find yourself unable to concentrate at work because you’re fretting about a nursery room being cold, then you’ll be no use to anyone because, when you’re at home, you’ll be worried about not giving work 100%! When you find the childcare you’re happy with, make sure you do a couple of trial runs. That way, your baby will be settled into her new routine and your first big day back won’t coincide with your baby’s first taste of time without you. Remember this is important even if baby is staying at home with her dad. You won’t be able to get into your new routine if you’re constantly fielding phone calls from your partner about how to work the steriliser and where the muslins are kept!

Work: When you last walked out those doors you were the proud owner of a bump (and hopefully a few nice parting gifts). Now you’re a mum and whether you’re going back part-time to help fund extras or as the main breadwinner, the important thing to accept is that life will never be the same again. If you’ve negotiated part-time hours, congratulations, but make sure the workload doesn’t creep up to the point that you’re burning yourself out making up all your old hours at evenings and weekends. If you’re full-time, that’s great, as long as your co-workers know that you can no longer stay late just because everyone’s busy or an unexpected issue has come up.

You: You might be brimming with new ideas and itching to get back in the saddle, or maybe you’ve lost confidence during maternity leave. If so, relax, you’re exactly the same capable person you were a few months ago except now you have the added skill of motherhood in your repertoire. A great back-to-work confidence boost is to treat yourself to a few nice new things to wear. After months of PJs and jogging bottoms, it’s pure bliss to wear a skirt again. And you don’t have to spend hours looking either. There’s a huge range of on-trend work-appropriate midi skirts at George so you can create the new confident you as you pick up nappies.

So that’s it. Just take a deep breath and remember your mantra is organisation, organisation, organisation – and that means laying out everyone’s clothes the night before!

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