Monday, 9 June 2014



Firstly my apologies for the slight delay on this post. I've been super busy working and blogging has taken a temporary back seat however i've quit my job now so here's to unemployment and full time laziness. Forgotten how good it feels to cook delicious breakfasts and lay around in the sun all day! 

Last week I attended a party by possibly the best hosts ever: Dominos. Does life get any more fun than a bar of unlimited cocktails and constant supply of pizza?! Being the bestest friend ever, I invited my friend Lex as my plus one and we danced the night away to Carnivale music in Brazilian bar Guanabara. The night was to celebrate Dominos' newest Carnivale menu obviously in timing with the World Cup in a couple of weeks. The pizzas were absolutely delicious and I definitely had one too many Mojitos. Oh yeah and the diet's going well by the way guys... pa ha ha. The entertainment was amazing and involved beautiful carnivale dancer girls, a photobooth, drummers and men with balls tricks - if only Dominos put on events every week! 

Massive thanks to Davin and the amazing guys at Dominos for allowing me to be a part of this night!

Visit Dominos blog here to keep updated: 

Ciao for now!


ps selling all my clothes on depop: @velvet_daisy 

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