Thursday, 24 July 2014



I'm a massive big melting pot of a human, this whole blogging in the sun thing is hard work let alone trying to get the right setting on my camera #auto. This whole outfit was a bit of luck, you know those days where three things come for you in the post and you then realise they would all look perfect together, well yeah this outfit was one of those!

The kimono is another beautiful item from IKrush. I was a bit dubious about picking another kimono/jacket to review as I seriously own way too many but this one didn't disappoint, it's even better in real life than it looks online and at £19 I think it's an absolute steal! I matched with my new laser cut crochet skirt that Front Row Shop kindly sent me which is amazing - I love anything cut out and I think the skirt transforms this outfit into quite a dare I say it... 'sophisticated' look? Never thought I would see the day ha. My beautiful and magical Skull Duggery  amethyst crystal necklace tops this look off perfectly, matching my Sleek lipstick.

Kimono jacket - c/o I Krush // Crochet skirt - c/o Front Row Shop // Necklace - c/o Skull Duggery Clothing // Shoes - Topshop £65ish // Crop top - H&M £7.99 // Clutch - Warehouse £28

Kimono jacket - c/o I Krush // Crochet skirt - c/o Front Row Shop // Necklace - c/o Skull Duggery Clothing // Shoes - Topshop £65ish // Crop top - H&M £7.99 // Clutch - Warehouse £28

What do you guys think of this outfit? I want to follow lots of new blogs so if you could leave your URL in the comments I would love to check you all out <3 p="">
I'm off to eat sushi mm yum k bye

J x

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