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Monthly subscription boxes of all kinds are absolutely huge at the moment and there's definitely a reason for that. Forget Graze, it's all about [Degustabox]: a new food subscription box service that delivers between 9-14 surprise products to your door. The great thing about Degustabox is that many of the products are completely new to the market so you won't have tried them before - perfect for people like me who get bored of eating the same old food week in week out.

Mornflake Nutella/Golden Syrup (£1.50 each) - OK so Mornflake are absolute genius. I'm a big porridge fan but the additive of Nutella erm yes please. The perfect breakfast in my opinion and not toooo unhealthy. Nutella has hazelnuts in it, and they're healthy right?! Ba ha ha. I was worried the mix would taste a bit weird but no, it's perfection. Move over coco pops, I got a new breakfast fav.

Finn Crisp (£1.20): Love these as an alternative lunch snack to bread. Rich in fibre and low in fat as it's cooked with sourdough! They're actually really tasty.

Sukrin Bread mix (£5.00): A great gluten free mix which i'll most probably use to make a pizza base, nom nom! With 80% less net carbs it's a bit more guilt free too...

Little Miracles (£1.49 each): Normally not a great lover of these type of drinks but these are really tasty and give you a much needed energy boost!

Koko Dairy Free (£1.39): I followed the suggested recipe and made some pancakes with this dairy free product (see photo further down). It's a great alternative to milk and contains less calories than skimmed. I was surprised to how much I enjoyed this product and think I may have just been converted to dairy free milk, it's yummy!

Clipper Green Tea (free gift): What better way to detox than with some green tea, delicious.

Simplee Aloe (£1.79): I wasn't the biggest fan of the overall taste of this drink however it's meant to work wonders for your digestive system as it's so concentrated. Also after a bit of research on it, apparently the best of it's kind on the market!

Kabuto Noodles (£2.00): Probably my absolute favourite product in this box. I'm not a fan of 'pot noodles' at all so was a bit skeptical about these at first but they are seriously delicious and taste so authentic! I will be buying these on a regular basis now, yay to Kabuto!

Alfa One Rice Oil (£2.00): I'm always looking for simple ways to make my meals healthier and this is quite possibly the healthiest cooking oil available at the moment, containing naturally occurring plant sterol. I'll be sticking with this one.

Hot banana and raspberry dairy free pancakes: I love pancakes and cook them at least once a week so decided to attempt them dairy free this time with my Koko Dairy Free milk and this was the result! As it's a bit more watery than milk, a little more flour is needed but the end result is absolutely delicious. I used: 1 banana (half cooked in with the batter, half on top), raspberries, plain flour, Alfa One Rice Bran Oil, and one egg. Because of the rice oil and dairy free milk these contain a lot less fat and calories than usual, woohoo!

It was so much fun trying all these brands from Haywards piccilili to Nutella porridge! If you want to try Degustabox (bare in mind you can cancel at any time) use the following code for a £3 off discount on your first box: 9I1VM

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