Sunday, 1 February 2015


Having the thinnest hair known to man, I’m always keen to try out any product that claims to provide me with any added thickness. I’ve tried out dozens of products but I am yet to have found anything that actually works particularly well. I’m really not expecting to wash my hair, blow dry it, and look in the mirror and look like Cheryl Cole (although that would be quite nice) but a very slight difference in feel/look would be quite beneficial to my current hair state. From two years of dying my hair every pastel colour I could think of, you could say my hair isn't in the best of conditions!

I was recently sent an extreme volume shampoo, extreme volume conditioner and extreme volume root lifter to try out on my hair, and trust me my hair really is the ultimate test! Boutique brand [Osmois a leading UK hair care brand that boast a diverse and extensive product range. I've used these products on two washes now and have already noticed the results. My hair feels a little thicker, and it's easier to create volume when backcombing. It feels like there is a natural product build up in my hair which fortunately creates the illusion of it looking and feeling thicker. The shampoo/conditioner smell really good and apply well, I noticed you don't actually have to use as much as normal as it lathers up well which is great as the bottles will last longer! My hair was really easy to brush after using both the shampoo and conditioner which is great as most shampoos make my hair knotty and hard to comb through.
Overall my hair is a little less flat, and feels slightly thicker and healthier on the whole. I would definitely buy these products again and recommend anyone wanting any extra volume in their hair to give these a try. Read more on Osmo's website:
Has anyone else tried any thickening products? Would love to hear your thoughts! Massive thank you to Osmo for sending me these products to trial.

J x

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