Saturday, 28 February 2015



The weather looks so miserable in these photos! It's super humid at around 32 degrees but overcast as it's rainy season here! In my opinion that definitely doesn't stop this time of year being any worse than on peak season. In the last 3 days it's only rained once (in the middle of the night) so hasn't been an issue for us. If anything it's probably better as it's far less crowded.

Today we travelled about 15km from Ubud to visit the Tegalalang rice terraces. There are only so many words I can use to describe the colour green ba ha but they were pretty amazing with coconut trees and views into the small valley. Wet rice agriculture is the most basic and important activity of Balinese life as rice is their major crop and staple food. Apparently the crop gets harvested 3 times a year so pretty crucial!

 High waisted shorts - ASOS £28 // Crop top - Kiss the Sky via ASOS £18 // Belt - Blitz (Vintage) £14 // Rucksack - India £10

Off to the Gili Islands tomorrow, keep an eye out for the next post :)

J x

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