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I always get a lot of questions on where I have traveled and what are the best things to do in each area, so as I have recently traveled to a small section of Borneo I have compiled my favorite things to do. Hopefully some of you might be interested and it could help you with your itinerary if visiting the same area as traveling always requires so much research. Borneo was just a small stop gap for me between countries so I actually visited only a very small part of Sabah IN15 days but there was still so much to do. 

From the countries I have traveled so far Borneo was definitely a huge highlight for me as there is so much of what I love there: wildlife! If wildlife is not really your thing, I do not think I would recommend it too much as every tour is catered around this - also in my top picks! I can not imagine many people would like to see the amazing jungles of Borneo though! 

1. Visit the Sepilok Orang Utan Conservation Centre and the Sun Bear Conservation Centre

If you are flying in from Sandakan airport, head straight to Sepilok as it's only a 15 minute taxi drive. No visit to Borneo is complete without a visit to the Orang Utan Conservation Centre - this place is amazing. These endangered Orang Utans have been rescued from a variety of backgrounds including the pet trade and poachers. They are put on a rehabilitation scheme with the intent to eventually release them back into the wild independently with no reliance on humans. The Orang Utans are completely free to roam the jungle as they please, but choose to come back to the center's feeding platform several times a day, a way for the center to keep an eye on their progress! Entrance to this is around £ 5

Just next door is the Sun Bear Conservation Centre, similarly to the Orang Utans but these are all rescued from the pet trade mainly. As these are the largest bears in the world unfortunately there are huge numbers of them being trained to put on shows for tourists and are kept and sometimes cruelly beaten. This center provides sanctuary for the bears and they are taught how to become independent again before being released back into the wild. Both centers are doing amazing things for these beautiful animals and your entrance fees are going to a great cause. These are a definite must during your visit in Borneo but definitely do not expect to be able to hold the animals or have any contact with them!
2.  Go on a Kinabatangan river cruise 

I was unsure at first whether to do this river cruise trip as it definitely is not the cheapest thing to do ( Around £ 100 ) and I am always wary of big organized trips from travel agents (who take a huge commission) but I am so glad I did. This trip was probably my favorite thing I did in Borneo and would recommend it to anyone. We toured the river for around 3 hours per day and were lucky enough to see a huge array of wildlife including elephants, monitor lizards, snakes, crocodiles, different types of monkey and kingfishers. I actually loved it so much I extended my stay one extra night here! It was amazing seeing these beautiful wild species to freely roam the landscape they are meant to be in - truly a once in a lifetime experience which to me is invaluable. It's sad that we mostly see these types of animals trapped in zoos in the western world. 

3. Trek through the jungle at night

This was such a great experience. The jungle is a completely different place in the day to when dark. The nocturnal animals come out and you see it from a different perspective. I would definitely recommend organizing a night trek, you can arrange a guide to help you spot the creatures for a really reasonable price. I actually did this walk both nights and saw so many different creatures including tarsiers, wild cats, various critters, and sleeping kingfishers! I did not know until I saw birds slept these! Ha ...

4. Visit Turtle Island 

Again this is another one of those packages for tourists which make me wary, but this did not disappoint at all. Although quite pricy, I decided it was another thing I just could not miss out on. This island it one of the only places in the world turtles come up every single day to the beach and lay their eggs. This conservation island allows you the chance to see the mummy turtle lay her eggs (whilst keeping to strict guidelines) and then releasing the hatchlings from previous layings into the sea. Super sad that only about 5% of babies actually survive though. 

I hope this post has been interesting for you guys who are planning on going to either Borneo or are interested in what I've been up to! 

Would love to hear about your travels or your travel plans, leave a comment below!

J x

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