Thursday, 25 June 2015


Hey yoooo,

I'm loving the fact i'm finally at a permanent address as i'm able to post my outfits more regularly. YAY to that. The great thing about Melbourne is you never run out of back drops either, I didn't stray far from my house in this one. I actually went to leave to find a park or something and realised my own back door was kinda cool, well I thought so anyways ba ha.

I've always been more of a VANS gal, but have recently seen the light and realised there's nothing better then a pair of battered [Converse]! My favs are obviously the classic white/black styles, i'm not ready to rock the cerise pink yet but watch this space hehe. Picked up this cutesy sport luxe MinkPink dress from the outlet near me for $30, god I love that store.

 Converse - c/o JD Sports (tnx guys) // Dress - MinkPink Outlet $30 // Bag - India £10

Would love to know what you think of this outfit - needing some encouragement on the old blawg at the moment hehe!

Anyways I have an interview this afternoon, wish me luck guyssss eek. 

J x

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