Friday, 28 August 2015



I've been super duper busy recently so have only just had the time to edit these photos to post. I recently worked at the Melbourne Gift Fair exhibition on a stall 'Cool Coconut' - jewelery made from cocounut shell - cool huh? It was so much fun, can't wait to meet up with the guys again in sunny Byron Bay. At the show we were exhibiting next to a brand selling handmade items from Nepal. A few of you might know I recently spent a few months in India and am obsessed with the Indian/Nepalese style so when I found out they were selling off their samples I jumped at the chance to buy this super cute rainbow handmade crochet scarf...I have to be so selective when i'm travelling not to buy much as I have no room but couldn't resist this!

But for now i'm currently working at the feminine and sassy Aussy fashion retailer Alannah Hill, trying to work as much as possible to save up those dollar bills...

Tassel top - c/o Missguided // Jeans  - Topshop Joni £32ish // Shoes - Dr Martens £50ish // Crochet scarf - Mandela $15 // Leather rucksack - India £10 // Wooden watch - c/o Jord Watches 

In recent year I've become increasingly concious of where my clothing/accessories are being made and from what materials, which is why when Jord Watches got in contact with me offering me the chance to review one of their wooden timepieces made from sustainable materials I couldn't wait to receieve it. I love the natural look of this watch and it's very easy to style up, matching almost all outfits.

What do you think of this outfit? Have you considered buying a wooden watch?

J x