Monday, 24 August 2015


I often get asked to sample/review various sorts of items on my blog. I love the variety of branching out into different areas and not necessarily sticking just to fashion as I think it gets a bit tedious outfit post after outfit post, so a bit of change up is always a good thing right? It’s exciting writing about something new and hopefully exciting to read too! :)

I was recently contacted by a great company [Smile Brilliant] and asked to test out their teeth whitening treatment. For me, whitening treatments are one of those things that i’ve always looked at in drug stores and thought okay there’s way too much choice and this looks kinda confusing so have put it to the back of mind. Having braces for 2 years when I was younger was awful and I guess i’ve always been slightly conscious about teeth so any product that claims to improve them is always great! 

I have now completed 4 courses of the whitening over the course of a month and the whole experience has been seamless. When the kit first arrived at my door I did feel like this was going to be mission impossible but the lovely Carmen talked me through every step making the entire process very simple to understand. The kit actually comes with fool proof instructions also ironing out any problems you think you will encounter. 

My teeth have never been hugely yellow but they’re definitely not gleaming white either so I was excited to find out really how white this product could make my teeth. 

The kit includes: Teeth whitening trays, carry case, impression material, custom dental models, professional teeth whitening gel, desensitizing gel and (fool proof) instructions. 

Here are the before and after snaps which speak for themselves! I moved house between photos so the lighting is slightly different but I can definitely see a difference.

So far I have only completed 4 sessions, there are many more to come and so the results will continue to get better!

Session 1: 55 mins
Session 2: 60 mins
Session 3: 65 mins
Session 4: 60 mins

Thanks so much Carmen for organising everything and being so patient. I would highly recomend Smile Brilliant for a professional, positive and effective teeth whitening experience.

J x

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