Friday, 9 October 2015



Still chillin' in Melbourne. Winter has finally gone hoorah, not a lot to report this end, just working working saving saving for my next adventure to Central/South America. My housemate Zack and I took a trip to Brighton Beach and Luna Park, mainly for the super cool exterior. Weird clown scary face, what a great excuse for some cute new blawg photos huh? Kinda impossible not to get photo bombed by snotty five year old's and their parents but this has to be the best entrance to an amusement park like eva? Tnx Missguided for the cute shirt dress also.

 Shirt dress - c/o Missguided // Boots - Dr Martens // Bag - India // Necklace - Car boot sale

Just a quick one from me today, got work! 

Until next time.... 

J x